The Early Years Foundation Stage

Buttercup Room
3 months - 1 year
ratio:1 adult - 3 babies

Daisy Room and Bluebells Room
1 - 2 years
ratio:1 adult - 3 children

Poppy Room
2 - 3 years
ratio:1 adult - 4 children

Sunflower Room
3 - 5 years
ratio: 1 adult - 8 children

Times and Prices

The Early Years foundation Stage
(3 months – 5 years)

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a period of education for all children from the age of three months – five years. It provides children with secure foundations for continuous learning. It builds on the learning that children will have gained already from their families.
We ensure children receive learning experiences of the highest quality. Each learning area is covered through activities where your child can learn through play.

The learning areas are:


Personal, Social & Emotional development
Children will be helped to develop a positive attitude and sense of well – being. This includes making relationships with others, learning to be self-confident, taking an interest in things, knowing their own needs, telling the difference between right and wrong, and being independent.


Communication & language
This includes opportunities to speak, listen and communicate in different situations and for different purposes. There will be opportunities to talk with other children and adults, to share and enjoy a range of books, rhymes, music, poetry and stories.



Children will be encouraged to develop writing and reading skills through lots of practical experiences.


Physical development
This area of learning will help to develop children’s skills of co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement. Children will gain confidence in what they can do, enabling them to feel the positive benefits of being healthy and active.


Expressive arts & design
 Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. This area of learning includes art, music, dance, role-play and imaginative play. Children will be encouraged to respond in their individual ways and express their own ideas, feelings and relationships through a wide range of experiences.


Children will develop an understanding of maths through stories, songs, games and imaginative play. They will become comfortable with numbers and ideas such as ‘heavier than’ or ‘bigger’ and use language to compare weight, size and shape. They will discover ways of solving practical problems, making connections, recognising relationships and patterns.


 Understanding the world
Children will be encouraged to explore and find out about the world around them and ask questions about it. Children will build with different materials and learn about everyday technology and what it is used for. They will find out about past events in their lives, their families’ lives and other cultures and beliefs. They will have opportunities to explore indoors and outdoors, observe, make decisions, predict, investigate and find out how things change.


Your Child will have their own development file which will contain post it note snap shot observations and monthly written observations of them. It will also contain photos of your child  taking part in a variety of activities. Your child’s key worker is responsible for keeping this file up to date. This is accessible to you at any time for you to browse through it.



Creative Play

Creative activities involve expression and imagination of your child’s own ideas through drawing, painting, collages, sticking, colouring and playing with natural materials such as sand, water and wood.



Through cooking activities the children learn food names from around the world, how to use utensils, counting, weighing, dividing ingredients, working in a group and sharing. We also promote personal hygiene when preparing food, developing senses through taste, touch and smell. Manipulative skills and hand and eye co-ordination through stirring, pouring and beating.


Language and Literacy

We encourage your child to develop in this area using books we read in groups and individually and we have story tapes that children can listen to and follow using the book. They learn letters and sounds through puzzles, games, puppets, flash cards, day, weather and month boards, singing nursery rhyme songs with actions, listening to music and moving around making loud and quiet sounds with musical instruments.



Encouraging social skills by sharing equipment, taking turns and showing consideration towards others in the group. Intellectual skills are promoted with matching, sequencing and counting. Emotional skills with experience of winning and losing.


Music and Movement

Children are encouraged to learn instrument names and how to play them, playing quietly and loudly. Also gaining rhythm. Physical body movements i.e. stretching,
forward rolls, jumping and using P.E. equipment


Information Technology

Basic I.T skills will include how to use a keyboard and mouse, through playing games which will also develop their knowledge of colours and shapes and improve their
alphabetical and numeric skills.


French Lessons (3-5yrs)

This is taught by a fully qualified teacher. The syllabus they follow is “La Jolie Ronde”. The children learn through songs, rhymes, stories, games and activities.



Ballet Lessons (2-5yrs)

This is taught by a fully qualified dance teacher, who teaches the 1st basic steps of early movement i.e. pointing toes, moving in circles, arm movements, balance, co-ordination and mime.




This is a fun filled music session conducted by an outside ageny, for the children to explore different sounds, rhymes, songs and instruments. Music classes at an early age help build the neural pathways that allow language and memory to develop.



Action Kids

This encourages physical development through fun activities. Action kids sessions are conducted by a qualified action kids instructor. They are jamed packed sessions full of fun with music, action songs, parachute, markers, balls, quoits and much more.


All these areas of learning are taught through our weekly individual planning for each child.









Buttercup Room
3 months—1 year
Ratio: 1 adult - 3 babies

The baby nursery is brightly decorated and equipped with cots, bouncy chairs, stimulating range of toys, books and equipment to help further your babies development.
There is also a separate nappy changing room and a small kitchen for preparing feeds.

Our Aim:

To provide activities which help babies to develop their gross motor skills such as gaining head control, crawling, sitting unaided, rolling over, pulling themselves up to standing position and taking their first steps.

One to one time with babies to gain fine motor skills such as grasping fingers, holding rattles, picking up toys with whole hand, using palmer grasp, transferring toys from one hand to the other, using pincer grasp with   index finger and thumb and looking for hidden objects.

To provide babies with a peaceful environment for resting periods allowing them to sleep in their own cot with clean bedding each day. They are closely monitored with regular checks on each individual child.

To take babies for walks to allow them to explore the natural environment. Pushchairs are provided for this. 

To provide comfort and security during bottle feeding.


Providing older babies with nutritious and balanced diets going through the weaning process and encouraging them to feed themselves with finger foods and grasping a beaker.

Stimulating babies development with learning games such as peek-a-boo and action rhyme songs.

Making records on progress of development with each child and regular observations.

Daily reports are given to parents informing them of their child’s day at nursery.


We would please ask you to provide bottom cream, ready measured formula milk and bottles on a daily basis and any comforter that will help your baby feel at home.









Daisy Room / Bluebell Room
1 –2 years
Ratio: 1 adult - 3 children

In the Daisy Room we help to support the children’s all round development. Encouraging them to make connections with other children and begin to learn through exploration and their senses.
Exploring through messy play activities, feeling different textures through corn flour play, pasta play, sand and water play and lots more.
We provide a learning environment with stimulating and fun activities to create an exciting learning journey.

Please Provide:
Bottom cream

Change of clothes 
Sun hat (during summer months)

Coat (during winter months)





Poppy Room
2 - 3 years
Ratio: 1 adult - 4 children

In the Poppy Room we provide an enabling environment in which our key role is to support and extend children’s development, learning and understanding. We recognise that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. We recognise that all areas of learning and development are equally important. Children learn through play and we provide focused activities to cater for children’s         individual needs. This helps the children to progress and learn to become independent and confident little ones.

Please Provide:
Bottom cream
Change of clothes
Sun hat (during summer months)
Coat (during winter months)

Sunflower Room
3 - 5 years
Ratio: 1 adult - 8 children

In the Sunflower Room we provide a learning environment that helps to stretch and challenge your child’s mind.
The Sunflower Room is set out to cover the six early learning areas. We have a book corner, construction area, home corner, graphic/ writing area, maths area, creative area, music area and computer area.
In this room the children begin to work towards building a sound foundation for their future at school. We help to develop the children’s important life skills, social skills and independence for when they begin a new journey at school.

Please Provide:
Change of clothes
Sun hat (during summer months)
Coat (during winter months)





Session Times

Opening Times are: Monday - Friday

Morning Session - 8.00am - 12.00pm

Morning Session with lunch - 8.00am - 1.30pm

Afternoon session - 1.30pm - 5.30pm

Afternoon session with lunch - 12.00pm - 5.30pm

Full day - 8.00am - 6.00pm
A minimum of three sessions am / pm are required.


2019 Fees

3 months to 5 years    
Morning session inc breakfast & snack 8.00 - 12.00 £28.25
Morning session plus hot lunch 8.00 - 1.30 £37.75
Afternoon session inc snack & Tea 1.30 - 5.30 £28.25
Afternoon session plus hot lunch 12.00 - 5.30 £37.75
Full day session inc all meals 8.00 - 6.00 £53.00
Full week Mon-Fri (£25.00 discount) 8.00 - 6.00 £235.00

Government funding is available the term after your child's 3rd birthday

Two year old  funding is also available for children that are eligible.


These prices include:



Sun cream

All home made meals - Breakfast,  am/pm snacks, lunch, tea, cows milk and juice

Blankets and sheets for rest times