Our Team

 We believe that staff caring for your children are the prime asset to a nursery. Therefore we have a vigorous safer recruitment process to  ensure we only recruit staff of the highest calibre.

Employing highly qualified and experienced staff with a passion for childcare.

We are proud of our team with many staff working with us for between 8 and 19 years. This allows consistency for your child and continuous relationships between them and your family.


Our ethos of continuous improvement is also reflected in our staff with their drive for self-development through training courses, appraisals and constant staff monitoring.

All staff attend regular training for;

Paediatric First Aid

Food hygiene


Behaviour management

Special  educational needs

Child development

Plus additional training for each individual to extend their knowledge keeping it updated and fresh enabling your child the highest  standard of care and teaching.

We employ additional staff than required to ensure our ratios are maintained when staff are absent, this makes us one of a kind in never needing to employ agency staff. 

With our four members of the management team that are

not counted in ratios allows each one to supervise and monitor an allocated area ensuring our high quality standards are maintained.

 The management team take great pride in being a part of the children's  day and supporting all families through their journey in parenthood.

Offering one to one support and guidance for parents in every aspect whether it be sleep, weaning, toilet training or behavioural management.