Our rooms / Fee's

Outside / Physical play

We have a large outside space with a separate area for our under 2’s.

Our garden is equipped for all weathers with our undercover area and large summer house. Regular access  to our garden is a fundamental part of our daily routine for all ages


Safety is paramount at Tudor Manor therefore we have soft tarmac to enable the children to take controlled risks and explore the garden safely.


At Tudor Manor we recognise that children thrive and learn in different environments, which is why we bring the inside outside with a range of equipment and activities. We follow a 4 week rota of different toys and equipment which offers a variety of play and learning opportunities each week.

So whether it’s learning about the natural world in our growing area, driving cars learning about road safety or just relaxing in our summer house reading a book or being creative, there are always plenty of opportunities for learning in our garden.


Physical activity is vital for children’s health and development. We have a large variety of physical equipment to suit the interests and abilities of all children. These can be self selected from our P.E trolleys. Planned activities take part daily to encourage children to participate in physical activity.


We provide pushchairs to enable us to go on walks to explore the great outdoors in all its wonder. With set routes and risk assessments carried out to continuously ensure the safety of your child. Lowering  our ratios to 1-2 for all ages during walks and trips.








Weekly extra curriculum activities


A fully qualified teacher leads each session following ’La Jolie Ronde’ syllabus. The children learn through fun games, songs, rhymes and activities

They offer children the opportunity to excel and enjoy a fun & positive approach to language learning through their award winning programmes, giving them confidence for when they approach languages at primary & secondary school.

www. lajolieronde.co.uk


Freestyle sports

Freestyle is delivered by a professional company fully trained to provide physical activities for the children. They carryout planned, physical development and education with music, stories and fun. All the activities lead to dance, games, gymnastics and athletics enabling children to become stronger, more balanced, better co-ordinated and confident as they develop physically, socially and emotionally. They promote the development of        gross motor skills, manipulative skills, physical fitness, coordination and balance in enjoyable and creative ways.




Unit 17 are an independent dance company, which offer many forms of dance and expressive arts.

Our dance lessons are conducted by Miss Rebecca a fully qualified dance teacher. 

The classes help develop confidence and understanding of a variety of dance styles whilst having lots of fun and burning lots of energy!

Introducing the basic foundations and techniques of ballet. This class is delivered in a wonderful way to enable our little ballerinas to develop their love of this popular and historic art form from a young age.





 We have music sessions weekly, arranged with a  specialist provider for early years  ‘Creative flair ‘ . They provide high quality interactive classes created to be engaging and fun, including character  dances, storytelling, free expressive movement  and action songs.




Your child will have the opportunity to participate in weekly cooking activities. This encourages the development of a number of skills from mathematical, weighing, counting, physical skills

Food is a good vehicle for communication and introducing mathematical language, i.e. heavy, light, counting ,more or less. Children can learn to share and take in turns. It helps to develop children’s physical and fine motor skills, holding the spoons, mixing, shaking, pouring, moulding and rolling . We introduce our children to a variety of food groups through tasting activities from foods around the world and most importantly we get to eat what we have made.






3-5 years


Our Sunflowers has highly trained staff on hand to support your child’s education. We aim to establish a love of learning through fun filled activities following your child’s interests and needs.


We believe that children who are confident within themselves and hold a  positive self image will benefit from their great self esteem enabling them to achieve to their full potential throughout life. Our experienced staff will guide and nurture your child through positive praise and challenging them with achievable outcomes to enable pride in their accomplishments.


By liaising with local primary schools and following the same standards as reception classes enables us to ensure your child has the confidence, independence and is prepared for school both emotionally and developmentally.


Our Sunflowers room is divided into two spacious rooms providing plenty of space for the children to explore.

This allows areas for focused activities to be carried out both one to one and in small groups to encourage your child’s individual development.


We inspire your child to have a passion for books with our large cosy book area with free access to a range of books. Also through interactive stories, role playing characters using props and one to one story time looking at pictures and following the texts. We visit the local library where your child can choose a book to lend. This all aids the beginning of literacy skills moving forward to letters and sounds, fine motor control, beginning with making marks to forming recognisable letters.



We supply a wealth of role play experiences from vets, shops, police and fire station, doctors to name but a few. This allows your child to be enriched with knowledge and understanding of the world. During this play we can be found counting and sorting money in the shop , dressing up as firefighters learning fire safety or role playing doctors discussing how to care for our bodies.


Problem solving and mathematics is embedded throughout whether we are using scales to measure our ingredients during cooking, counting jumps during  our dance lessons, looking at patterns and shapes in the natural environment whilst walking to the park, there is always lots of opportunity to challenge your child’s mind.


Attending nursery itself enhances your child’s social abilities, connecting and interacting with peers, sharing and engaging in play together.

Extending on this we will encourage your child to be polite and well mannered through both their communication and actions.


We will encourage your child’s Independence in readiness for school, teaching them skills such as dressing themselves and toileting independently.




2 - 3 years

Our Poppies is an active learning environment in which children thrive upon the activities and learning opportunities to busy their inquisitive minds.

Our aim is to build self-esteem, social relations and language and communication.

Low level storage of equipment and play resources enables your child to lead their own agendas and learning journeys.

Alongside providing planned focused activities devised by our highly trained staff. These are tailored to engage your child’s interests to  support and challenge them. We believe that each child will thrive through learning from the things that they enjoy participating in.

We can be counting cars , sorting them into size and colour, using them to make marks in the paint or interacting with peers role playing garages. There are many ways to use objects of interest to create fun learning opportunities.


In the Poppies we adopt more of a routine as once learnt this is a way of giving your child independence and confident. They will also feel more secure, knowing and predicting what happens next and in what order.

Communication is a large focus within the Poppies. We encourage the development of vocal skills by stimulating sound play and participating in receptive language activities through stories and songs


Your child will begin to learn independents through guided tasks such as washing of hands, making choices at snack time, hanging their coats up, eating independently and using a cup.


Your child will be supported to become confident and to begin to recognise their feelings and the feelings of others around them. Using props to help the children express themselves, communicating their wants and needs in different ways.

Your child will also experience toilet training at this stage of their development. Our staff will support and guide both you and your child through this  process.





3 months - 2 years

Our bluebells area is a calm and loving atmosphere with a home from home feel.

To ensure a smooth transition for both you and your child, we begin our journey together by developing a positive relationship. Spending quality one to one time gathering information, to ensure we can be responsive to your child’s  every need. We have a flexible approach with routines to allow us to mirror those at home to create security and a homely feel for your child.


So whether they like to be cuddled, rocked or snuggled in a cot to sleep,

our kind and caring staff will nurture your child to ensure they are happy and content in their new environment.


Our bluebells is an active play environment supporting your child’s  rapidly growing development with planned activities tailored to their individual needs and progress.


The room is well equipped with low level furniture and resources  allowing your child time to independently select and explore their surroundings safely with inviting spaces to hide, play, discover and be creative.


Physical activities are encouraged to enhance their gross motor skills such as pulling themselves up to taking their first steps.


We provide many opportunities for them to explore new experiences using all their senses. From making marks in the foam, creating shapes with the playdough, exploring colours with the paints  to splashing around in our water tray.

We ensure there will be many exciting ways to capture your child’s creativity.


During sleep/ rest times we transform the rooms into a peaceful resting place for your child to relax, either snuggled with the soft toys or by having a sleep with their own allocated cot and bedding. With our tranquil lighting and soft music playing your child will gain all the benefits of a rejuvenating sleep. During sleep times staff are consistently present to ensure your child is closely monitored.

Sensory areas within the rooms which are therapeutic and calming and enriched with  experiences to engage your child’s senses.

It is specially designed with lights, mirrors, sounds and tactile objects to aid sensory development .

Using the mirrors to encourage self recognition, to communicate through facial expressions and learning body features all begin to build positive self images.



The bluebells room has direct access into the garden, providing an outdoor extension to their indoor play.


We have music and dance sessions weekly, arranged with a  specialist provider for early years  ‘Creative flair ‘. They provide high quality interactive classes created to be engaging and fun, including character    dances, storytelling, free expressive movement  and action songs.






Opening times

Monday - Friday - 8.00am - 6.00pm


2024 Fees

Morning Session

(Breakfast / snack)

8.00am - 12.00 noon


Morning session  with lunch

(Breakfast / snack & Lunch)

8.00am -  1.30pm


Afternoon session

(Snack & Tea)

1.30pm - 5.30pm


Afternoon session with lunch

(Lunch, Snack & Tea)

12.00 noon - 5.30pm


Full day

(All meals & snacks)

8.00am - 6.00pm


Full week Mon - Fri 

(All meals & snacks)

8.00am - 6.00pm


(£20.00 discount)

A minimum of four sessions am/pm are required to encourage your child to settle in and enables them to gain the full benefit of attending nursery.

 Fee's include:

All meals, snacks & drinks




Sun hats

French lessons

Music lessons

* 10% discount applies for the eldest full paying sibling

* Government funding is available the term after your child’s 2nd birthday

* 2 Year old funding is available for those eligible.

* We offer extra sessions for additional odd days you wish your child to attend