Healthy Eating

We acknowledge the importance of a healthy balanced diet to a child’s development and growth. We pride ourselves on providing healthy nutritional meals with our menus carefully devised by a nutritionist and are prepared daily using fresh ingredients. We are proud to have received awards for our commitment to providing healthy food for our children. Our full time chef prepares all children’s snacks, lunch and tea. We cater for all dietary requirements adapting our menu for all children’s needs.

Children have free access to water throughout the day with drink stations in each room with their own name/picture labelled cup/beaker, this also encourages independence.

We encourage children to gain positive relationships with healthy foods by sitting with them at meal times, having discussions about where the food is from, how it is grown and how it helps our bodies to function.

Children are encouraged to help prepare their own snacks and make their own choice of which snack they would like. We help to create healthy eating habits and instil an early appreciation of different foods at an early age with the hope this lasts a lifetime.

During meal times we also educate children on table manners and etiquette.